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Liberals to give doctors a huge tax headache?

The new federal government hates professional corporations. It wants doctors and other high income professionals to pay tax at the highest personal rate. In the next federal budget expect a two-pronged attack: Kibosh the small business tax … [Read more...]

You have completed your medical residency! Now what?

Now that you have completed your residency the first thing on your mind is “finally all this work has paid off and I can start earning a living”. However, there are several things to now consider: Incorporating - This is probably the most common … [Read more...]

Tax Free Savings: Should incorporated physicians invest?

The Federal Budget recently announced for 2015 the annual contribution limit to the tax-free savings account (“TFSA”) has been increased to $10,000.  This will benefit a lot of individuals, but it may not be the best approach for an incorporated … [Read more...]

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