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Unlike any other professional sector we encounter, medical practices present a unique challenge in providing accounting, tax and consulting services.

As a result of continuing political changes in the health-care field, physicians are under constant pressure to increase revenues and control costs at the same time. Due of this pressure, physicians require an advisor who will deliver both traditional and specialized accounting, creative tax solutions, and consulting services. This is where we excel.

Over the years, we have tracked changes and forecast trends to ensure we meet the unique challenges of managing medical practices.

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  • RRSP fees: from inside the RRSP or outside? (2/18/2020) - In a recent tax and estate planning report CIBC examined the question as to how best management fees for RRSPs should be paid. Should the fees come from inside the RRSP or be paid using outside funds? Intuitively, you might think that you would always be better off paying investment… Continue Reading
  • Doctors stunned by large GST bills (2/18/2020) - CRA is reassessing health care professionals for amounts paid for services that do not qualify as exempt medical services. The amounts assessed including interest and penalties can well be over $100,000. Reassessments relating to cost sharing arrangements are particularly painful, because a simple restructuring of the arrangement would have avoided… Continue Reading
  • Rules around reassessment by the CRA (2/4/2020) - Once you receive the notice of assessment for your tax return, the CRA can reassess you up to three years from date of the original notice. There are some exceptions to the three-year rule you should be aware of. If you have made a misrepresentation attributable to “neglect, carelessness or… Continue Reading
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  • New Subsidy for BC Doctors Who Pay Rent or Ownership Expenses (1/20/2020) - Starting April 1, 2020, eligible doctors will be able to claim extra fees for consultation, visit, counselling and complete examination services to help cover the rising rent or ownership costs of their office, including mortgage, utilities, property taxes, etc. The new Business Cost Premium (BCP) program offers the following percentage… Continue Reading
  • Maximizing Your Interest Expense Deductions (1/7/2020) - Here are some tax planning tips to make the most of interest expense write offs. There are three tests you must meet in order to deduct interest on borrowed money. There must be a legal obligation to pay the interest. This can become an issue with family loans if the… Continue Reading
  • Tax Changes Becoming Effective January 1, 2020 (1/7/2020) - As part of the federal tax changes which came into effect January 1, 2020, there is an increase in the basic personal which is being phased in over four years until it reaches $15,000 in 2023. For 2020 the exemption amount increased to $13,229 from $12,069. The benefit is about… Continue Reading
  • When Your TFSA Income Becomes Taxable (12/23/2019) - The TFSA is a great choice to build wealth because the income accumulates tax-free. However there is one instance when the income inside the TFSA becomes taxable, and that is on US dividend stocks. Under US tax law, there is a 30% withholding tax on dividend income for non-US investors.… Continue Reading
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