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We have served the dental profession for more than 35 years and know what it takes to establish and maintain a thriving practice.

Whether you are just starting your career, are established and looking for ways to increase revenue and decrease expenses, or are planning to retire, we can be of assistance.
Our business advisory services include:

  • Dental Practice Management
  • Systems & Facilities Evaluation
  • Tax & Accounting
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Valuation of Practice
  • Practice Transition Services
  • Practice Marketing Services

We evaluate your current systems, procedures and facility management to measure efficiency and effectiveness to optimize your income. We offer industry comparison reports, so you can measure your practice’s performance against other practitioners.

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  • Being Charitable Costs Less Than You Think (12/10/2019) - Making a donation before December 31, 2019 not only benefits your favourite charity but also reduces your income taxes. The amount of tax savings depend on whether you make a cash donation or a gift of assets, including the securities, artwork or real estate (referred to as “gifts in kind”).… Continue Reading
  • Making Your Home Mortgage Tax Deductible (12/10/2019) - To minimize the after-tax cost of the mortgage payment, consider the following scenarios to deduct the mortgage interest for tax purposes. The sale and buy back You own personally investments worth $300,000. You sell the investment and use the proceeds of $300,000 to pay down your mortgage. Subsequently, you borrow… Continue Reading
  • Dentists Should Consider These Year-End Tax Saving Tips (11/24/2019) - As we approach the year-end, there is no better time than now to compile your checklist of tax saving strategies to reduce your income tax bill for 2019. Reduce tax on shareholder draws If you took large draws from your corporation, which would normally be reported as dividends on your… Continue Reading
  • Top 7 Financial Mistakes Dentists Make (And How to Avoid Them) (11/24/2019) - Dr. James Dahle is the author of the popular financial guide “White Coat Investor”. In one of his blogs he lists the big mistakes medical - and dental professionals make in handling their finances. Poor debt management This one begins when many dental students start working and get into the… Continue Reading
  • Why you would need a Family Trust (11/12/2019) - Here is a summary of the benefits you can enjoy by setting up a family trust. Maintain control. As the trustee, you have full control over the trust assets within the scope of the trust document. The trustee also controls the allocation of income and distribution of funds to the… Continue Reading
  • What separates the top 10% of dentists from the bottom 90% (11/12/2019) - The question of what separates the top 10% from the bottom 90% of dentists was put to top performers in dentistry. The answers are contained in the book “Titans of Dentistry: How the Top Performers Think and Act Differently” by Drs. Short and Maloley. Here is a sampling. “Goals and… Continue Reading
  • Income Splitting Tips (10/30/2019) - When you are in the 50% tax bracket, shifting income to a family member with a 20% tax rate, could generate a 30% tax saving. So, it would seem to make sense to transfer as much income as possible to your spouse and children. Of course, it isn’t that easy.… Continue Reading
  • Turn Satisfied Patients Into Raving Fans (10/30/2019) - The average dental office has a patient retention rate of just 65%, according to research by the practice analyst Lee Bentz in an article for the California Dental Association. Why is that? According to a report from the consulting firm McKinsey and Company, 70% of any retail customer’s journey is… Continue Reading
  • Election Countdown: Comparing Tax Proposals (10/15/2019) - Here is a comparison of the Federal Parties’ election platforms dealing with corporate and personal income tax. Depending which Party forms the next government on October 21, the proposed tax changes will have a big impact on the income tax you will pay for many years to come. Corporate tax… Continue Reading
  • 3 Ways to Combat Patient Attrition (10/2/2019) - You keep track of the number of new patients coming through the front door, but you are likely not counting the patients leaving the practice through the back door. If you are getting 20 new patients monthly but your revenues stay flat, it is safe to assume that about the… Continue Reading

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