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Tips for distributing your estate fairly among your beneficiaries

Most of us have a cavalier attitude about preparing our last will. We seldom set aside the time such an important document deserves to address the unique circumstances of our family, practice, and financial lives. Your lawyer may, as a reward for … [Read more...]

Why isn’t every doctor taking a tax-free loan from the Inc to pay for your home?

You and your spouse just finished building your $1 million home which you financed with a loan from your medical corporation. The company has no employees other than the two of you. To finance the loan, you liquidated $600,000 of investments and used … [Read more...]

Maximizing the principal residence exemption

When a doctor client recently sold his home for a tax-free $1.5 million profit, one starts to wonder when our cash starved government will put limits on the tax exempt sale of your home. In the meantime, let us enjoy this generous tax shelter. Here … [Read more...]

Successful Lease Negotiations

After staff salaries, office rent is the biggest overhead expense. The mistakes you could make in setting up the lease will haunt you for years. Here are a few negotiating points to help you come up with the best possible lease agreement. … [Read more...]

The retirement fund shortfall, what is your solution?

Generations of investors have followed the timeless financial advice dispensed by Samuel Clason in his 1926 book, “The Richest Man in Babylon”.  According to Clason, it is easy to get rich: “Live frugally, save 10 per cent of your income, and start … [Read more...]

Tax planning on separation and divorce – what you need to know

When you are going through a separation or divorce, income tax issues will likely not be top of mind. However, good tax planning, before and during a separation can generate significant tax savings and help preserve your assets.   Support … [Read more...]

Study shows investors are less satisfied with their investment advisors

Following a rocky 2018 in capital markets and negative investment yields, many Canadian investors are feeling edgy about their financial holdings and report they have less satisfaction with their investment firms, according to the JD Power 2019 … [Read more...]

Our top post-tax season planning tips

“I’ve saved the money to pay my income tax. Now all I have to do is borrow some to live on.” Lou Costello   How did you survive the tax season? You probably feel you paid more than your fair share of the $145 billion of personal income … [Read more...]

Creditor proofing your assets

  There are three basic objectives when planning for your retirement: Maximize your wealth: work hard and live frugally. Pay the absolute minimum tax on your income. Don't have creditors steal your retirement nest … [Read more...]

Not happy with your investment returns? Find a new portfolio manager!

If you find that your investment portfolio manager is making more money from your portfolio than you are, you may want to put an end to this unproductive relationship quickly. The money you put aside for retirement comes from spending long hours in … [Read more...]

Our New Dentist Program is designed to help new dentists start their career with a solid financial foundation.

What sets us apart from other dental CPA firms is our years of experience working closely with dentists. We offer an unmatched skill set that goes way beyond routine accounting and tax planning. From Practice purchase or Start up assistance and loan financing to practice management and financial/retirement planning, we will help you manage every aspect of the financial side of your dental career.

Call at 604-669-7558 or email us at purtzki[at]purtzki.com to request a free consultation.
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