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Unlike any other professional sector we encounter, medical practices present a unique challenge in providing accounting, tax and consulting services.

As a result of continuing political changes in the health-care field, physicians are under constant pressure to increase revenues and control costs at the same time. Due of this pressure, physicians require an advisor who will deliver both traditional and specialized accounting, creative tax solutions, and consulting services. This is where we excel.

Over the years, we have tracked changes and forecast trends to ensure we meet the unique challenges of managing medical practices.

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  • 5 Big Estate Planning Mistakes
    (and How to Avoid Them)
    (12/3/2018) - Not having an updated will One of the biggest mistakes in planning for your heirs is not to have an estate plan at all. If you do not have an updated will, you are not alone. According to a survey by BC Notaries, only 55 per cent of BC residents Continue Reading
  • Don’t let the CRA Grinch ruin your Christmas party (12/3/2018) - Before you uncork the Dom Perignon champagne to celebrate another successful year with your employees, you need to check the rules regarding taxable employment benefits for staff. Basically, CRA’s position is: “If you provide a free party or other social event to all employees and the cost is $150 per Continue Reading
  • Year-end tax planning checklist (12/3/2018) - There are only three weeks left until Dec. 31, and there is no better time than now to compile your annual checklist of tax saving strategies, designed to reduce your income tax bill for 2018. Convert dividends to capital gains. If you took large draws from your corporation, which would Continue Reading
  • Want to boost your portfolio returns? Don’t tinker with it! (11/19/2018) - If you are in the habit of checking your investment portfolio daily, you should find yourself a new hobby. Stop tinkering and your investment portfolio will grow that much faster. This conclusion was the result of a 10-year study of mutual fund returns by Morningstar, a global investment research company. Continue Reading
  • ‘Pensionize’ your Corporate Savings (11/19/2018) - As you squirrel away your excess cash in a corporate investment account, you eventually face the question of how to convert your savings into retirement income. If you are seeking a sustainable, life-long retirement income, look no further than the gold-plated “defined” pension plans enjoyed by lucky civil servants. Your Continue Reading
  • How Corporate Tax deferral can help you retire seven years earlier (11/19/2018) - If your corporation’s income is taxed at a low tax rate of say 12 per cent, it means $88 out of every $100 of practice income is retained in the corporation. The tax deferral benefit will have a huge impact on your retirement savings. Suppose you are a 35-year-old B.C. Continue Reading
  • Cutting your taxes in half (11/5/2018) - No longer able to sprinkle company dividends amonamily members in the low tax bracket, many doctors are bracing themselves for a big hike in personal taxes on their dividend income from their corporations. There is a tax strategy that lets doctors convert the dividend into a capital gain generating significant Continue Reading
  • Income splitting tips for 2018 (11/5/2018) - Doctors are braced for a steep hike in personal taxes this year when they are no longer able to split income with family members the way they used to. On January 1, 2018, the “tax on split income” (TOSI) rules became effective. This severely restrict splitting and will impose the Continue Reading
  • Habits to Help Achieve Financial Success (11/5/2018) - Plan before you act.  As a doctor, you are equipped with the skills you need to give your patients the best treatment. But stellar medical treatment alone, does not guarantee financial success. For that, you need a vision of how to achieve both professional and financial success. Start by articulating your Continue Reading

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