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Boost your case acceptance! Tips from Dentistry’s top guns

Boosting your case acceptance rate is the quickest way to increase practice revenues.

Dr. Justin Short & Dr. David Maloley interviewed many outstanding dentists regarding their practice success. They collected these interviews in the book, titled “Titans of Dentistry: How the Top Performers Think and Act Differently

Here is an excerpt of the answers to the question:

What advice would you give a dentist that is struggling with case acceptance?

Let’s start with Bill Dorfman, the award winning cosmetic dentist from Beverly Hills, and allegedly one of the top 10 richest dentists in the U.S.

One of the biggest problems I see dentists doing is being wishy-washy. You can offer people 25 treatment plans and confuse them. I don’t do that. I basically sit down and tell them,” I’ve been practising for 34 years; if your mouth were my mouth, this is what I’d do.”

If they say,” That sounds like a great plan, but I don’t have the financial resources to do that,” then I have my office manager come in and figure out what we can do with what they have. I don’t give my patients multiple treatment plans”

Dr. Peter Bowman, Bowman Dental:

Ask yourself,” What is it about ME that I can improve? Is it my personality? Am I too technical? Can I relate to the patient? Seek out communication courses and practice the teaching until they become second nature to you.

 Dr. Brad Stutler,Transcend Dental Partners:

Get out your iPhone or iPad and record your presentations. Although it will seem awkward at first, the amount of insight gained will be well worth it. Every sports team records their games and practices. Why? They go back through the tape and figure out how could they get better.

Dr. Gordon J. Christensen:

Implement a staff oriented diagnostic data -collection appointment. Use teaching aids, models, videos, handouts etc.

Dr. Lee Ann Brady, The Pankey Institute:

Listening is the most important skill in case acceptance. Get to know your patients!

Dr. Cory Glenn, Glenn Dental:

You gotta be confident talking to patients. If you aren’t confident recommending it, they smell it from a mile away and won’t do it.

Dr. Mark Costes, Dental Success Institute:

You have to remember, as the dentist, as the person giving the case presentation, that it all comes down to trust, rapport, and relationship. The faster you get to that point, by whatever means, the better chance you going to have a closing that case. Make sure that the conversation is about the patient. You don’t get lost in a bunch of vocabulary that the patient doesn’t understand. Bring the conversation down to their level and try to tie it into a personal example.

Build that rapport and relationship as quickly as possible and you will see your case acceptance increase dramatically.

Dr. Paul Etchison, Nelson Ridge Family Dental:

Realize that case acceptance depends on the entire patient experience from phone call all the way to leaving the practice after the visit, not just the words you use. It’s also important to be confident and authentic.

I would add that the most important thing I have ever changed to increase my case acceptance is to get to know the patient personally before discussing anything clinical. People want to buy from people they like. Find some common ground with patients and get to know them a little better.

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