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Key Takeaways when looking to buy a practice

  • There is a limited inventory of dental practices for sale. You may need to look at other options (e.g., starting your own practice or becoming a partner).
  • The longer you have to wait for the perfect practice to come up for sale, the more your purchase criteria will be compromised.
  • Becoming the owner of the practice of your dreams will take initiative, dedication, and energy—you will need to be proactive in your search.
  • Target and approach dentists who may be considering retiring, slowing down, or taking on a partner. Go old school and write them a letter.
  • Investigate as many opportunities as you can, it will give you more insight into the market. Cast your net as wide as possible. Consider options that don’t fit your specific criteria.
  • Consider opportunities to transition from associate to owner over time.

Approximately twenty percent of practice sales come from broker’s listings, while about eighty percent are handled privately.

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