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The Tax Season is Here!

In order to get a head start on tax filing, below is a list of information that may be required to complete your 2022 personal income tax returns:

T4 Employment Income slips
T4A Other Income slips
T4A BCMA slip
T4A(P) Canada Pension slip
T4A(OAS) Old Age Security Pension slip
T4RSP/RIF RSP or RIF Withdrawals or Annuities slips
T4E Employment Insurance slips
T3 Trust/Mutual Fund Income slips
T5 Interest or Dividend slips
T5007 WCB Income slips
T5008 Securities Transaction slips
T5013 Partnership Income slips
T101/T102 Exploration and Development Expenses slip
T2202 Tuition Receipts
Statement of student loan interest
RRSP Contribution receipts
Charitable Donations receipts (official tax receipt w/ RR#)
Political Donations receipts
 Child Care Expense receipts or summary
Summary of home accessibility expenses
Union or Professional Dues receipts
Employment Expenses (with employer signed T2200)
Tool expenses (tradespersons)
Northern residents deduction and related travel expenses
First time home buyers tax credit
Caregiver credit expenses
Digital news subscription expenses
Eligible educator school supply credit
Medical / Dental Expenses receipts
Attendant care/nursing home expenses
Moving Expenses
Support for Alimony / Maintenance payments
Interest or Carrying Charges
Summary of Rental Income and Expenses
Statement of Adjustments relating to purchase / sale of real estate
Summary of Capital Gains or Losses
(or copies of relevant investment statements)
Summary of Self-Employment Income and Expenses
(see attached deductions checklist)
Sale of principal residence documents
Summary of foreign assets held with a cost base of more than $100,000
Details of any interest in foreign corporations of 10% or more

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