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Why you should give your practice a facelift

The layout of dental clinics has not changed much over the years. The design goal has always been to meet the needs of the dentist and staff in terms functionality, efficiency and comfort. The needs of the patient are not considered much past giving them a chair to sit on. In the past, dentists could afford to ignore the patient’s perspective because in the good old days of long wait times, the demand for dental treatment exceeded the supply of dentists. Many new dental practices today still have that old sterile look, where patients are wedged between the door and front counter just as they are in medical clinics. But while medical patients must still crawl over broken glass to see a doctor and wait in a jammed waiting room, dental patients not so much.

In some parts of the city, dental practices are as ubiquitous as coffee shops, giving patients a lot of variety to choose from. So, how can you make sure they pick yours?

Will Rogers said: “You never get a second chance to make a first good impression.” For patients, that means your office. A patient’s first impression of your office stands out more than how they judge your skills and professional conduct as a dentist.

Dentists are beginning to realize the power of good design as a key building block for practice success because:

  1. today’s patients demand a more comfortable, soothing environment;
  2. it increases patient referrals;
  3. it sets you apart from the cookie-cutter clinics in your neighborhood;
  4. it tells the public you value your patients;
  5. it reduces stress and makes the work place a healthier environment;
  6. it increases productivity, helping your office run more efficiently.

According to a survey by Dental Products Report, one out of three dentists is not happy with the current clinic configuration and is choosing to renovate. For a successful renovation, you need a designer who not only focuses on patient comfort and well-being but also creates an environment unique to you and your brand.  When choosing a contractor, it helps to hire someone who specializes in dental clinics. A good contractor understands the job must get done on budget and on time, which might mean working nights and weekends to minimize office interruption.

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