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We have served the dental profession for more than 35 years and know what it takes to establish and maintain a thriving practice.

Whether you are just starting your career, are established and looking for ways to increase revenue and decrease expenses, or are planning to retire, we can be of assistance.
Our business advisory services include:

  • Dental Practice Management
  • Systems & Facilities Evaluation
  • Tax & Accounting
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Valuation of Practice
  • Practice Transition Services
  • Practice Marketing Services

We evaluate your current systems, procedures and facility management to measure efficiency and effectiveness to optimize your income. We offer industry comparison reports, so you can measure your practice’s performance against other practitioners.

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For more information about practice management services, visit: Becker Practice Management
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  • A good office manager is critical for practice success (4/17/2019)- Your appointment schedule is full, hygiene is booked a month ahead, and patients have to wait weeks to see you even for minor treatment. Your staff is hustling to keep up with the pace, which often shrinks the lunch hour to a ten-minute break. For you, the busyness of the… Continue Reading
  • Not happy with your investment returns? Find a new portfolio manager! (4/17/2019)- If you find that your investment portfolio manager is making more money from your portfolio than you, you may want to put an end to this unproductive relationship quickly.  The money you put aside for retirement comes from spending long hours in the practice, and you should expect that your… Continue Reading
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  • Federal budget splurges on zero emission vehicles (4/2/2019)- The government in its latest federal budget has put aside $300 million as an incentive to purchase zero emission vehicles (ZEV). The monies will be spread over three years and will give buyers $5,000 toward the purchase of a ZEV. The incentive applies only to vehicles with a maximum purchase… Continue Reading
  • The incredible shrinking investment return (4/2/2019)- You are investing in the Canadian stock market which has enjoyed a robust average annual growth of 8.5 per cent for the last 30 years. Yet, your investments have you perplexed or more likely depressed, because these stock market gains are not reflected in your portfolio. What is the reason?… Continue Reading
  • Should you delay receiving old age security benefits? (3/21/2019)- Anybody age 65 or older who has lived in Canada for at least 40 years after age 18 is eligible to receive the maximum Old Age Security (“OAS”) benefit. For the first quarter of 2019, the maximum monthly payment is $601.45. No contributions are required as OAS is paid out… Continue Reading
  • Standing up to the dental insurance companies (3/21/2019)- Dr. Todd Irwin is a dentist in Port Angeles, Washington. Interviewed by KING 5 News he said he was no longer prepared to sit idle as Washington’s biggest dental insurer, Delta Dental, continued to cut his patients’ benefits. “The patient may want to try to save a tooth, and you… Continue Reading
  • The 2019 Federal Budget – what’s in it for you (3/21/2019)- Spoiler alert: the dividend to capital gain conversion survived Here is an executive summary of Tuesday’s Budget: No Tax Rate Reductions – the 2019 Federal Budget contained no personal or corporate tax rate reductions. Inter-generational Transfers – no legislative proposals were introduced in Budget 2019 to address inter-generational transfers of… Continue Reading
  • Preparing for a Successful Practice Sale (3/7/2019)- Here is a checklist to help you to get ready for a successful practice sale.   Meet with Your Financial and Tax Advisers Consult with your P J &A adviser whether or not you are retirement ready and can afford to sell the practice. In addition, you need to confirm… Continue Reading
  • Setting Up a Corporate Health Plan (3/7/2019)- The beauty of setting up a corporate health plan is that it allows you to write off medical and dental expenses for yourself and your dependents against your dental income, without creating a taxable benefit. Not having to report personal medical expenses as an employment benefit is the equivalent of… Continue Reading

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