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Make your phone a practice builder

Many dentists don't realize how important it is to have proper phone etiquette. I cannot believe that some offices still use an answering machine during business hours. If you have inexperienced staff members answering the phone, you will make the … [Read more...]

Bringing in an associate as a co-owner

Only one out of 10 associates end up as partners. Here are five must-do steps you must take to ensure your planned transition is successful. Plan ahead. Ask yourself, why would I want to bring in somebody into my practice and under what … [Read more...]

Boost your case acceptance! Tips from Dentistry’s top guns

Boosting your case acceptance rate is the quickest way to increase practice revenues. Dr. Justin Short & Dr. David Maloley interviewed many outstanding dentists regarding their practice success. They collected these interviews in the book, … [Read more...]

Investors are less satisfied with their investment advisors

Following a rocky 2018 in capital markets and negative investment yields, many Canadian investors are feeling edgy about their financial holdings and report they have less satisfaction with their investment firms, according to the JD Power 2019 … [Read more...]

Thieves you trust

According to the American Dental Association, 40 per cent of dental offices have been, or will be embezzled by an employee. Whether you are a young dentist purchasing a new practice, or a mature practitioner working towards retirement, … [Read more...]

Tax planning on separation and divorce – what you need to know

When you are going through a separation or divorce, income tax issues will likely not be top of mind. However, good tax planning, before and during a separation can generate significant tax savings and help preserve your assets.   Support … [Read more...]

You’re fired!

Terminating an employee is probably the most hated job in the practice management life of a dentist. You must try for a smooth exit without causing upheaval in the office, and ensure the employee leaves with ego intact and without filing a lawsuit … [Read more...]

Our top post-tax season planning tips

“I’ve saved the money to pay my income tax. Now all I have to do is borrow some to live on.” Lou Costello How did you survive the tax season? You probably feel you paid more than your fair share of the $145 billion of personal income taxes the … [Read more...]

A good office manager is critical for practice success

Your appointment schedule is full, hygiene is booked a month ahead, and patients have to wait weeks to see you even for minor treatment. Your staff is hustling to keep up with the pace, which often shrinks the lunch hour to a ten-minute break. For … [Read more...]

Not happy with your investment returns? Find a new portfolio manager!

If you find that your investment portfolio manager is making more money from your portfolio than you, you may want to put an end to this unproductive relationship quickly.  The money you put aside for retirement comes from spending long hours in the … [Read more...]

Our New Dentist Program is designed to help new dentists start their career with a solid financial foundation.

What sets us apart from other dental CPA firms is our years of experience working closely with dentists. We offer an unmatched skill set that goes way beyond routine accounting and tax planning. From Practice purchase or Start up assistance and loan financing to practice management and financial/retirement planning, we will help you manage every aspect of the financial side of your dental career.

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