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The Importance of a Good Office Lease

A lease agreement is one of your practice’s most important documents. It not only governs your relationship with the landlord while you own the practice, but can also impact the selling price of your practice. A demolition clause, for instance, can … [Read more...]

A Great Tax Shelter – Soon to Disappear!

Many dentists are taking advantage of a tax strategy of converting the regular dividends from their corporations into a capital gain generating huge savings. To illustrate, the capital gains tax on $200,000 of income from the corporation is about … [Read more...]

Practice Expenses Tax Auditors Love to Challenge

Many practice expenses, including conferences and travel, have a personal component giving lots of opportunity for a CRA auditor to argue they are not practice-related but personal in nature. There are three tests you must meet for a … [Read more...]

Investment Advice From John Bogle, the Late Founder of Vanguard

In 1975, John C. Bogle, the founder of Vanguard Investments, invented the first low cost index mutual fund which put millions of dollars into the pockets of many investors of moderate means. Bogle’s innovative idea was that index funds, consisting of … [Read more...]

When Price Becomes the 900-Pound Gorilla in the Room

When you or your representative negotiates the sale of your practice, you will very likely run into heavy resistance when the topic turns to purchase price. Your asking price, supported by a valuation report, may be more than reasonable. Still, it … [Read more...]

Five Must-Have Practice Monitors

To keep your fingers on the pulse of your practice here are some key practice monitors. 1.   New patient count Find out what your normal patient attrition rate is. If the practice has 2000 active patients, and you are getting about 15 new patients … [Read more...]

Give Patients the Ritz-Carlton Treatment

  Ritz-Carlton is one of the top hotel chains with a legendary culture focusing on customer service. Its motto is: “We Are Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen!” The employees must treat workplace colleagues with the same dignity … [Read more...]

A Home Equity Line of Credit for a Tax-Free Retirement

Dentists are uniquely placed to reap the benefits of a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). Substantial earnings, home ownership, and financial stability mean that tapping into the equity of your home to supplement your income at retirement is a great … [Read more...]

Want to boost your portfolio returns? Don’t tinker with it!

If you are in the habit of checking your investment portfolio daily, you should find yourself a new hobby. Stop tinkering and your investment portfolio will grow that much faster. This conclusion was the result of a 10-year study of mutual fund … [Read more...]

Why do Patients Choose Your Practice?

Why are some dental practices growing three times faster than other practices in the same community, are 50% more profitable, and yet spend less than the average on advertising and promotion? To find the answer to this question, Lee  Frederiksen, … [Read more...]

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