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‘Pensionize’ your Corporate Savings

As you squirrel away your excess cash in a corporate investment account, you eventually face the question of how to convert your savings into retirement income. If you are seeking a sustainable, life-long retirement income, look no further than … [Read more...]

How Corporate Tax deferral can help you retire seven years earlier

If your corporation’s income is taxed at a low tax rate of say 12 per cent, it means $88 out of every $100 of practice income is retained in the corporation. The tax deferral benefit will have a huge impact on your retirement savings. Suppose … [Read more...]

Cutting your taxes in half

No longer able to sprinkle company dividends among family members in the low tax bracket, many doctors are bracing themselves for a big hike in personal taxes on their dividend income from their corporations. There is a tax strategy that lets … [Read more...]

Income splitting tips for 2018

Doctors are braced for a steep hike in personal taxes this year when they are no longer able to split income with family members the way they used to. On January 1, 2018, the “tax on split income” (TOSI) rules became effective. This severely … [Read more...]

Habits to Help Achieve Financial Success

Plan before you act.  As a doctor, you are equipped with the skills you need to give your patients the best treatment. But stellar medical treatment alone, does not guarantee financial success. For that, you need a vision of how to achieve both … [Read more...]

Our New Dentist Program is designed to help new dentists start their career with a solid financial foundation.

What sets us apart from other dental CPA firms is our years of experience working closely with dentists. We offer an unmatched skill set that goes way beyond routine accounting and tax planning. From Practice purchase or Start up assistance and loan financing to practice management and financial/retirement planning, we will help you manage every aspect of the financial side of your dental career.

Call at 604-669-7558 or email us at info[at]purtzki.com to request a free consultation.
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